Holistic Strengths Assessment 

An Offering Through A Wild New School


Holistic Strengths Assessment: $22.00

It’s painful to be doing work that’s out of alignment with what we’re naturally good at. It generally requires more effort, is more stressful, and rarely produces the results we’re looking for. We all have strengths - natural talents that we were born with - but most of us weren’t taught to hone them or do work in a way that aligns with them.

This comprehensive strengths assessment includes six different exercises to help you uncover what your top 3 strengths are so that you can quit doing the work that drains you and start doing the things you’ll excel in. The strengths assessment also includes a 12-minute guided visualization to help you connect deeply to your strengths.

The Holistic Strengths Assessment was developed for students of A Wild New School and has been effective in helping professionals like you to rediscover and connect with their gifts.

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Holistic Strengths Assessment + Coaching Session: $80

This product also includes a 45-minute coaching call with life coach and A Wild New School co-founder Megan Miller. In this session, you and Megan will explore what your strengths are and how they can be used to transform your current working situation.

Once you purchase this product, you’ll receive the digital download of the strengths assessment as well as information about how to schedule your one on one coaching session with Megan Miller.

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