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Grow Into Your True Self At Work

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Having crossed the creative and fertile threshold of Spring, we enter the Summer: the season during which the fruits of our labors can ripen and truly be enjoyed. The days are warm and long, and the landscape around us is alight with color. In our work lives, the Summer is a window of time in which we’re invited to notice what we’ve outgrown in our career, reconnect to our strengths, and manifest something truly aligned for us. It can be a beautiful, vibrant time of growth and celebration.

Like anything, Summer has a shadow side: drought, heat exhaustion, forest excess of  activity in our lives can lead to burnout, and the expansion we undertake at work needs to be tempered with the cool waters of renewal and the grounding energy of the earth. So many working people are in (or on the verge of) a cycle of burnout, and A Wild New School offers an action-oriented curriculum that deeply nourishes students along the way.

The Summer: Expand course is here to support students who want to grow in their careers in a way that’s in alignment with their values. The course is not here to fix anything that’s “wrong” with you, it’s here to support the incredible care you’re already taking with your career. Using an empowerment and strengths-based approach, you’ll be invited to look at what’s no longer serving you and become aware of how your innate gifts can be expressed to take you into new territory in your professional life.

You’ll be supported in taking bold steps to do work that’s in alignment with your authentic self, all while deepening your self-care practices. Change is always uncomfortable, but it never has to come at the cost of our health and well-being. In the Summer, we learn to balance the elements of fire and water, and this course will help you do that in your life and career.

The Summer: Expand course is full of rich, earth-based content to help you grow into a new level of strength and vibrance in your career. Each week’s module will include written materials, guided meditations, writing exercises, and an embodiment exercise that will help you connect to Nature and its amazing summertime energy. By the end of the course, you will:

  • Be clear about what’s no longer working for you in your work life and be empowered to let go of what’s not supporting your growth

  • Know what your top five strengths are

  • Know how those strengths show up in your career

  • Understand how those strengths can lead you into greater alignment at work

  • Take concrete action toward a new career path, whether that’s growing where you are or beginning down a new path altogether

  • Feel a greater connection to yourself and the earth around you

A Wild New School is designed to deepen the resilience of each student so that they’re well-equipped for the fluid and ever changing future of work. No matter what you do for work or what you’d like to do, this course will help you make the most of where you are and get you closer to where you’d like to go.

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Outline of our 10-week curriculum:

This course will run from Thursday, June 20th to Thursday, August 22nd, 2019.

Prior to Week 1: Opening Assessment and a 30-minute Coaching Call to identify your intentions and needs for the course ahead

Week 1: Opening. Introduction to the concept of working in a wild new way as well as a Summer Solstice ritual.

Week 2: Flow. What have you outgrown in your career?

Week 3: Vulnerability. How can you release what’s ready to go and protect your boundaries?

Week 4: Authenticity. How can you learn more about your authentic self? This module includes a Full Moon ritual as well.

Week 5: Power. What are your strengths and how can they be more powerfully expressed in your work life?

Week 6: Express Yourself. How can you show up more like “You” at work, and what’s the right work ecosystem for you to be in at this time?

Week 7: Manifestation. What concrete changes are you ready to make?

Week 8: Interconnectedness. How can you nurture and be nurtured by your community at this time? This module includes a Full Moon ritual.

Week 9: Discernment. What’s a “yes” and “no” for you at work right now, and how can you set yourself up for success for the rest of the Summer season?

Week 10: Closing. We celebrate the work you’ve done and set intentions for the Fall season.

In addition to the curriculum above, the course also includes:

  • Two recorded Q&A sessions to answer questions coming up about your work situation and the work you’re doing in the course

  • A personalized recorded “mini-session” in response to your Strengths Assessment to help you get really clear about what your strengths are and how they can help you succeed in your career

  • Three optional in-person, 2-hour guided nature walks in Portland with Megan Leatherman and other students in the cohort (available as an add-on when you enroll below). These walks will be offered from 8:30am - 10:30am on the following Saturdays: June 22nd, July 20th, and August 17th.

This dynamic course is full of material that will help you deeply shift any stagnant or toxic energy in your career, and the self-paced format is available in order to make sure it fits into your life and your schedule. We recommend that students make at least 90 minutes available per week for the coursework and more if they opt into the accountability partner program or would like to spend more time with the assigned exercises. Of course, every part of the course is optional, there is no “grading,” and the material is yours to keep for one year, so you can always come back to it if you fall behind or want to revisit something.

Our intention with this course is to transform any fear, worry, or anxiety you’re experiencing about your career into empowered action that gets you into work that truly fits for you (even if you don’t know what it is yet!).

Every ecosystem is made healthier and more robust when it includes a diverse makeup of beings, and our intention is for A Wild New School to be in alignment with that truth. To that end, we invite students of all backgrounds to join our community.

Enrollment is now open!! You can enroll for the Summer course at Summer Session: Expand.

Pricing for this Course:

If you’d like to bring the medicine of Nature into your work life, we hope you’ll join us for this incredible course. Pricing is as follows:

  • Standard Enrollment: $360 when paid in full or $120 per month for 3 months when the payment plan is selected. The first payment is due upon signing up for the course.

  • Hybrid Enrollment: This option includes the 3 guided nature walks in Portland (see above) as well as the online course materials. $390 when paid in full or $130 per month for 3 months when the payment plan is selected. The first payment is due upon signing up for the course.

  • Scholarships: For every 5 enrollments, we are delighted to open 1 need-based scholarship slot at a reduced rate of $40 per month for 3 months. To be alerted when a scholarship slot opens up, you can sign up for our email list below or follow us at @awildnewwork on Instagram.

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