Mindfulness Coaching

I decided to become a life coach after years of working as therapist because I wanted to expand the ways I was able to work 1:1 with clients. My own experiences with coaching showed me how powerful this model can be as it focuses on what we want in life rather than what we don’t want. This positive focus, along with clear action steps towards change is a powerful way to move in the direction of your dreams and goals. In addition to my own experiences with coaching, I’ve heard clients talk over the years about wanting an action-oriented approach to change and asking for personal growth assignments that could keep them moving forward. I’m so honored to be a graduate of Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and to now offer coaching as one of my online offerings.

THE COACHING SERIES: A coaching series consists of six sessions over three months where space is held for you and your beautiful goals. It begins with a discovery questionnaire that will help you gain clarity on your goals for coaching. A free 30 minute consultation is then offered over Skype in order to dig deeper into your questionnaire and give you a taste for the power of coaching. If you choose to enter into a coaching series, it begins with setting inspiring goals for your coaching series and identifying action steps to support you in moving towards your goals. We will continue meeting 1:1 over Skype for six sessions that involve deeper self-discovery and taking action towards your inspired goals!

Yellow Rose, Portland, OR

Yellow Rose, Portland, OR


Mindfulness Coaching May Be Ideal If You:

-feel overwhelmed in your current life and are unsure how to engage with self-care without it feeling like another thing on your “to-do” list

-are curious about mindfulness and would like to implement simple practices into your daily life in order to feel more present in your world

 -find yourself ignoring your intuition in order to please others or do what you think you “should” do

 -are feeling out of alignment with your personal values

-would like to make space in your life for more creativity and inspired activity

 -like a proactive approach to personal growth and get excited about self-discovery assignments and clear action steps

FEES FOR COACHING: A coaching session is $120 per 60 minute Skype meeting and includes email support between sessions. (While sessions are 60 minutes, it is recommended to reserve 90-120 minutes in your schedule for journaling or processing time). Different payment options are available including paying per session, per month, or paying upfront for the entire six session series. While it is an option to pay per session, the full value of coaching comes with completing a full series of six sessions. Depending on need, series can be extended beyond six sessions with an agreement between client and coach for additional sessions. If you are interested in a coaching series but unable to pay the full fee, please inquire about sliding scale options. I believe that coaching should be affordable and accessible to everyone who is ready to make positive changes in their lives and wanting to work with a coach. Pro-bono coaching is sometimes offered by students in training for those who are unable to afford coaching.