Kind Words Offered by Clients:

Butterfly, North Bend, OR

Butterfly, North Bend, OR

“Since I started coaching, I feel a greater sense of peace and confidence in myself and my decisions. I attribute this to a shift from putting others first to putting myself first in a manner that is grounded in honoring myself as a whole person.

 Several months ago, I was worried about letting others down and was routinely bending over backwards, stretching myself thin, and still felt like I needed to give more for the personal and professional relationships that I deeply care about. But I failed to see that I wasn’t giving the same love and respect to myself. This would leave me feeling depleted. Overall, as a result of coaching, there is a lot less stress and worry about other people’s worries. I feel calmer, clear minded, and better able to assert what I need for my own well-being in my personal and professional spheres.”


“Megan is caring, understanding and so supportive as a coach. She is insightful, positive, and uplifting and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! She recognizes and appreciates the efforts you put in as a client and, I feel lucky to have had Megan as my coach. She has helped me discover the right path to take.”


Wildflowers, North Bend, OR

Wildflowers, North Bend, OR

"Megan creates a beautiful space for you to show up as you are and grow freely without judgment. She helped me slow down, dig in and feel safe as I explored how to best care for myself mindfully. Megan is calming, steadfast, bright and full of life - she inspired me to connect more with nature and lean into the natural flow of myself that I'd ignored for, pretty much, EVER! You will feel refreshed, inspired and empowered after every session."


“In the past several months alone, I’ve achieved more in my sessions with Megan than I ever would have thought possible. I especially like the mindfulness exercises, which are fun, effective, and easy to integrate into my daily routine. We’re currently doing video sessions, which means I get all the help I need without even having to leave home. Super convenient!!

-therapy client